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CCTV Security Cameras 

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Home CCTV Solutions

Home CCTV Solutions 


Need that little bit of extra security for your home? 

Tarnix have you covered, with our top of the line Hikvision security cameras. 

Our cameras display high-quality and clear images day and night to capture any unwanted guests.

All CCTV systems installed by Tarnix offer remote access which you can view on your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

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Commerical & Retail

Commercial & Retail


Let Tarnix help you protect your valuable assets, with our High-Performance Security Systems.

Shoplifting and internal theft pose a difficult challenge to New Zealand business owners. 

At Tarnix we are passionate about helping businesses thrive with our latest camera detection & prevention systems.

No job is too big for Tarnix, as our experienced security sales team are able to offer a range of different camera systems to meet your business's needs. 

Contact us to plan an onsite visit today!

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Commercial CCTV Range

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Dome Series

Hikvision dome series provides our systems with a sleek and unnoticeable perspective.  

Dome cameras are designed to blend in with its soundings and make it difficult to detect where the camera's point of view is located.

These cameras provide a vandal-proof dome and metal base to protect itself from abuse and the elements. 

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Fisheye Range

Camera coverage for large areas such as a warehouse, grocery stores or even a large car park is usually a difficult task that includes multiple cameras and cabling to be installed in a variety of locations,

However, with a Fisheye camera, you are able to get a 360-degree coverage of the area, keeping you 100% covered!


Turret Series

These Hikvision turret cameras are one of the most trusted static cameras that Tarnix offers. 

With high-quality dual-stream and motion detection, these cameras are our most reliable system for intrusion and theft protection.

With a dedicated night vision lens, these cameras are perfect for identifying and detecting motion at night.

Special Projects

Special Projects


Our specials project team is here to make your security needs a breeze. 
Whether you are a large site or a small business that is looking for advanced security, our team has you covered. 
At Tarnix we offer the top of line CCTV Technology, which allows us to cater to any business.

If you are wanting to learn more about our special projects team, contact us today!

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Advanced CCTV Cameras


PTZ Products

PTZ cameras are designed for a comprehensive view of a large open area while having the ability to control, focus, and zoom in all at the touch of a button.

With Hikvision’s PTZ cameras, you can rapidly respond to security events and leave no blind spot unnoticed. 

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ANPR Cameras 

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) camera is a high accuracy system that is designed to detect vehicle number plates.

Hikvision ANPR cameras also provide traffic management by counting vehicles and detecting blacklisted plates.

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Thermal Products

Thermal detection cameras are designed to detect abnormal temperature escalations.

Such as Fire outbreaks, Human body temperature, and Heat distribution screening. 

With built-in fever detection features, the thermal camera allows for a contactless screening of a customer's temperature. 

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