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Tarnix Security

24/7 Monitoring

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Relax with knowing that Tarnix has your alarm activations covered.

Monitorng Plans

Monitoring Plans


E-Text Monitoring

From $25 + GST
per month

Quickest response time! 

With an automated text message that gets sent straight to your personal device in a matter of seconds from your alarm activating.

Family Visit

Home Monitoring

From $35 + GST
per month

Receive a personal phone call from one of our highly trained monitoring operators to advise you of your home alarm situation. 

Business Research

Business Monitoring

From $45 + GST
per month

Got a feeling your alarm isn't set?

Don't worry our team has you covered with password protection, late to close, and open out of hours as apart of the business monitoring package!

Hardware & installation cost not included please phone Tarnix to find out more.

How Monitoring works

When your alarm activates, your system will instantly send an activation signal to the Tarnix monitoring station.

Where our highly trained operators can see what type of alarm has been triggered, the current location of the alarm, and the status of the activation.  

Our operators will immediately respond by phoning the setlist of emergency contacts you have enlisted with us to advise them of the situation. 

If the situation escalates, we have the ability so dispatch security patrol, as well as emergency services if required. 


What we offer


Home Alarm Monitoring


Business Alarm Monitoring


Medical & Panic Monitoring

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Fire Monitoring

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24/7 - 365 Alarm Monitoring


Late to Close & Out of Hours Monitoring


Password Protection


Video Verification

Getting Connected to Monitoring

As the nationwide fibre rollout continues to replace the commonly used telephone lines, alarm system users will be forced to transition to a safer digital monitoring platform such as Wireless Monitoring by Permaconn.            

Permaconn increases your security by providing up to 3 forms of communication to the monitoring station. The units are fitted with Vodafone & Spark GSM slots plus an onboard network card. There’re many benefits of using wireless monitoring such as being able to control your alarm system directly from your smartphone as well as having your system settings updated remotely when required by the monitoring station. 

Wireless monitoring remains the safest communication path in the security monitoring industry.

Get a Permaconn installed and connected today!

Device Only $299 +GST

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Permaconn Features


Remote Arm/Disarm 

With permaconn you are able to arm or disarm your alarm anywhere, anytime!

Push Notifications

Receive instant notifications sent straight to your smartphone when your alarm activates. 

Alarm History

Check who armed or disarmed your alarm system, all with a touch of a button!

GPS Panic Button

With permaconn you are able to arm or disarm your alarm anywhere, anytime!

App Pin Lock

Secure your app with a 4 digit code or using your fingerprint.

User Permissions Control

Manage who can receive alarm notifications and their alarm permissions.

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