Alarm Systems 

Protect your Family, Home, and Business with Tarnix Security's High-Quality Alarm Systems.

We use a range of various detection devices including, motion sensors, glass break detectors, door contacts & hardwired smoke detectors. 


Tarnix Security is 100% customer focused.

This means we can customize every Alarm System to meet your needs. 

Protect yourself and your family by providing early detection from the following. 




And More


Home & Small Business Alarm Kits

Relax with great peace of mind knowing your property is armed and secured by a Tarnix Security alarm system.


Alarm Kit

The Starter Alarm Kit is perfect for residential properties that want that little bit more peace of mind in their everyday life, Stay alarmed with this starter kit!

                   This Kit Includes:

  • 2x Dual Element Pet PIR's

  • 1x Paradox K10V KeyPad

  • 1x Small Cabinet & Tamper

  • 1x Permaconn 4G Transmitter

  • 1x Piezo Internal Siren

  • 3 Months Free Tarnix Monitoring 

  • T&C's Apply


Alarm Kit

The Advanced Alarm Kit is our most reliable alarm system!

With three dual element sensors and two high-quality smoke detectors, this alarm is perfect to keep you and your family safe!

This Kit Includes:

  • 3x Dual Element Pet PIR's

  • 2x Smoke Detectors

  • 1x Paradox LCD 32 Zone KeyPad

  • 1x Paradox Cabinet & Tamper

  • 1x Permaconn 4G Transmitter

  • 1x Piezo Internal Siren

  • 1x External Siren

  • 6 Months Free Tarnix Monitoring

  • T&C's Apply


Alarm Kit

This Premium Alarm Kit is designed to make life easy.

With a modern, user-friendly touchscreen key-pad, two wireless remotes, and arming and disarming remotely, this kit is perfect for the modern family!

This Kit Includes:

  • 3 x Dual Element Pet PIR's 

  • 2 x Smoke Detectors

  • 1 x Paradox  Receiver w/ 2x  Remotes

  • 1 x Paradox Touchscreen Keypad

  • 1 x Permaconn 4G Transmitter

  • 1 x Paradox Cabinet & Tamper

  • 1 x Piezo Internal Siren

  • 1x External Siren

  • 12 Months of Tarnix Monitoring

  • T&C's Apply

How do alarms work?

The Alarm System sounds when one of your sensors is triggered by motion.

Once triggered a signal gets sent from the Permaconn to the Cloud.


Then the signal instantly gets sent to our 24/7 Tarnix monitoring station, where one of our highly trained operators will follow the contact procedure you have instructed us with. 

Don't want to be bothered by a phone call every time your alarm goes off? 

Sign up for our automated e-text monitoring that gets sent straight to your phone when your alarm is activated. 

Auto E-Text gets send straight to your phone.

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